Be Yourself

6/2/20231 min read

you are enough text
you are enough text

Authenticity is a special characteristic to possess because it reveals two things about you: 1) your reliability, and 2) your consistency.

If you have an online presence like Twitter or Instagram, you know that other account holders are free to view your profile and "follow you" at will. Some social media users may have a few followers, others thousands, or even millions. In most cases, you cannot control who is in your "crowd of followers."

The same applies as you navigate life. Be mindful of your presentation.

You may be unable to control your followers, but you can control your image and narrative. You have a responsibility to lead your followers with authenticity, truth, and compassion. Because you never know who is in the crowd, you never know whose life your decisions will touch or affect.

Let your walk and your talk attest to the work you produce. Your presentation should be reflective of your best principles.

Lead by example. And continue to be a reliable source of hope and inspiration for all you may encounter.

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